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For help managing your vacation cabin please contact Tammi at
Tammi@rainiercottages.com or #253-948-6650

How our property Management Company Works:

 We have been managing cabins in Ashford for 15 years, this means we have in place a full staff of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, housekeepers and have a base of service personel in the Ashford area that we have established a good working realationship with. This allows us to get work done for much less and quickly to get the cabin open again for guests. Issues will arrise with your home and we have a plan in place to take care of things without breaking the bank, or being unable to rent for weeks at a time. We will keep your cabin running smoothly, so that you don't have to.

Rainier Cottages is a full service management company

We pay a set fee to the owner every month that does not vary

We take care of all utilities; Power, water, garbage, internet etc

Housekeeping and yard maintenance

Basic upkeep such as pressure washing deck and cleaning gutters, stove pipes and clearing branches

Furniture and décor can be 100% provided by us, or you may use your own

Advertising, website maintenance, liability and business insurance

Neighborhood association fees


Owners are responsible for any major household appliance and structure issues

Examples would be dishwashers, stoves, hot tubs, or deck or roof repairs

Plumbing or electrical repairs.


Rainier Cottages has an electrician and contractor we work with in the area. Our own maintenance crew can fix most small issues that arise, and we try to never bill the owner unless it’s something beyond our scope. I am skilled at home maintenance and remodel and have been working on cabins for 15 years, with many examples and references. Most things can be fixed quickly and efficiently to save you money.

We strive to make your vacation experience easy, so that when you arrive at your cabin there is no work to do, and you can truly relax and enjoy the experience. Cabins are cleaned before and after owner stays.

Please contact Tammi for more information.